Our studs have been carefully selected for their ability to meet the physical standards of the breed

As well as for their ability to reproduce themselves in their productions. They are the backbone of our program. All of our studs have been health screened, and are indicative of what we feel a true Frenchie should look and act like!

Multi CH Parker

In our opinion, Parker embodies everything ideal in a French Bulldog - type, temperament, and health. We were very lucky to get our hands on this boy. Some of his show achievements include - Champion of Romania, Champion of Montenegro, Champion of Macedonia, Champion of the Mediterranean, Champion of Balkan , Champion of the Adriatic , 4xCACJ, 4xCAC and 2xRes.CAC.

Parker is already making a huge impact in our breeding program!


Slevin is our pride and joy! He was produced by us here in Michigan. His sire is the world famous Renuar Dorian Red (Buff). We feel that Slevin is one of the most beautiful offspring that Dorian Red has sired, and we are thrilled with his productions for us. This is what we refer to as a “foundation stud”.  


Normally when you see a French Bulldog male that hovers around the 20lbs mark, they’re usually spindly and are lacking in bone. Ace is an exception to that rule. He’s tiny, but he’s very cobby, compact, has substantial bone, and correct. Ace is a son of our beautiful boy Slevin and our female Marley. He is a triple carrier, so not only can he produce beautiful puppies, but he can also produce them in nearly every color. Ace has a very distinct character and makes everyone laugh who encounters him.  


Shayash is a full brother to Ursa, who is one of our favorite girls. He's a stunning boy who will surely make some amazing dogs for us in the near future here. 


With regards to rare colors, our homebred Henry is what is referred to as a Lilac-and-Tan, the rarest of rare colors. More importantly than just his color, he represents the proper type and build of what a French Bulldog should look like, something which is severely lacking in mostly every other Lilac and Tan you see out there. We are very happy with having Henry in our program. Henry has an amazing temperament and loves everyone!


Magnus is a maskless fawn son of our beautiful chocolate fawn girl Marley. He is a “quad carrier”, which means he carries the DNA to produce every color and pattern that is possible. In addition to his DNA, Magnus is clearly a beautiful representation of the breed, with the temperament to match. He loves chasing balls, and spending time with the children.

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