a puppy's characteristics will be 50% from the mother

While many breeders wrongfully believe that it is the stud that dictates the quality of the program, they couldn't be further from the truth. Simple science tells us that at the very least, a puppy's characteristics will be 50% from the mother. This is why a great program begins with great females. A great female is just as important as a great stud, and we place as much - if not more emphasis - on assembling the best females we have been able to produce and get our hands on. 


Crimson is the offspring of Marley and our amazing stud Slevin. She is the perfect fusion of beauty, temparement, and rare color genes!


Ursa comes to us directly from Russia. She is one of the nicest daughters to come out of one of the most beautiful of Russian champions – Super Romka. Ursa embodies what we strive to produce in a female French Bulldog – beauty, wrinkles, bone, confirmation, health, and an amazing temperament!


Marley is our adorable little chocolate fawn girl. She is a tough little cookie and likes to be leader of the pack. We selected her primarily for her nice confirmation and size (15lbs as an adult). It’s very hard to find true chocolate fawns that are built correctly and have a good temperament like she does.


Marvel is a daughter of Marley. She is not only just a beautiful and compact specimen of a Frenchie, she also carries the DNA to produce Frenchies of every color. We love her sweet temperament and can’t wait to see what she does for our program in the coming years!


Sloan is the daughter of Banshee. She is a lilac and carries tan (at). She is an impressively put together girl and we have a very special plan in store for her in the near future!


Violet is a lilac and tan.  She is the daughter of Marvel that we held back from her first breeding. We are very happy with how she's turning out.


Dorra is an imported female we received from Croatia, from the esteemed Orange Frenchies group. Her pedigree is loaded with the finest European and Russian bloodlines, although unlike many Russian and European dogs, she's very short and small and compact. We are very happy with this girl here. 

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